MI Movers Winter Tips

At Preferred Moving & Storage, we know that moving during the winter months can be challenging, but our experienced team of full-service, professional movers know how to safely push through less-than-ideal weather conditions.  Proper planning and execution is key for any move, but working with the right moving company that knows how to navigate a winter move can help you slide into your new home stress – and mess-free!

  • Make sure that both origin and destination sites are safe.  Clear and salt driveways and all walkways that you think the movers will be using of all snow and ice. 
  • Be flexible and plan for delays.  With fewer hours of daylight, some moves may be planned over a two day period rather than one.  Be as flexible as possible in the event that your move needs to be delayed a few hours due to inclement weather, takes a little longer than expected, or rescheduled for another date.
  • Be ready when the movers arrive.  The more organized you are, the more efficient your move will be.  All cartons should be taped shut and all electronics unplugged.  Separate everything that you intend on taking with you in your personal vehicle.
  • Packing.  All cartons should be packed, sealed, and labeled.  Do not pack any cleaning supplies or liquids in your shipment. While plastic totes are a great way to store and move a variety of items, be mindful that totes are extremely susceptible to cracking in the colder temperatures.
  • Turn the heat down.  Save on your utility costs and keep the heat turned down until the movers are finished.
  • Electronic devices do not like cold temperatures.  To best protect your electronic devices, refrain from plugging them in until they reach room temperature.
  • Leave the driving to the professionals.  Driving large trucks and trailers yourself that contain all of your personal items is just not worth the risk on snowy and icy roads.
  • Hire a professional moving company.  Do not try to cut costs by hiring inexperienced movers. Trained movers with the right equipment know how to navigate a winter move safely and efficiently.

Contact our office to schedule a FREE, no strings attached, in-home estimate. We will provide you with a written estimate of our charges and offer helpful tips on how you can save money on your winter move!