Moving to a new home can be a lot of hard work. And the bigger your home is, the more work there can be to do. Our Michigan moving and storage company can help make even the largest of residential moves feel almost effortless by providing you with the right services at the right time. We know that there is plenty more for you to do as you prepare to move into a new home, potentially start a new job, and work through the emotional toll of such a big change. Letting the household moving pros pack a few boxes and take care of the heavy lifting can go a long way towards making the process a whole lot easier for you and your family. Here’s how we can help.

Get Help Packing from Full-Service Household Movers

The first step in any move is go through your things and get rid of what you don’t need while carefully packing away what you do. The best time to purge out the unnecessary/unneeded items are while you are packing. Consider the many local charitable organizations that could make good use of the items you no longer need.  While packing the items that you will be taking, seek out the advice of a full-service household mover on the best practices for packing.  They can offer great tips for the do-it-yourself packer such as what size cartons to use for certain items, the proper way to use packing paper, and they can also provide you with a list of what items should never be packed or moved with your household goods. Full-service movers also offer a complete line of packing materials at very reasonable prices.  Or better yet, let them provide you with estimates for fragile-only packing compared to packing everything up for you!

Flexible Storage Options Make Moving Easier

Storage seems to be something that goes hand-in-hand with moving. As you begin to prepare for your move, you may want to move some personal belongings to storage to stage your home for sale. Or you may need a temporary place to store all your items while you find the perfect place or wait for a closing date. It doesn’t matter whether it’s weeks, months, or longer, a full-service household moving company can typically accommodate a variety of storage needs.

Make the Difficult-to-Move Things a Breeze with Specialty Services

If you’re dreading your move because you’re not quite sure how to deal with that heavy piano or that gorgeous, but very large art sculpture, a full-service moving company can take care of the hard stuff for you. Professional movers have the experience and the proper equipment to move just about anything.  They can help with your fine arts, antiques, expensive technology equipment, and much more.

Make Moving Easier with Full-Service Options

Working with a professional moving company certainly has its advantages. You can select individualized services to fit your specific needs and get the level of help that you want. Choose from full-service packing or fragile-only packing to get things started. And on the other end, they can unload the truck, unpack your things, and haul away the debris. The best part about full-service moving options is the ability to tailor the services to fit your needs and budget. .

Finding the Right Moving Company

Moving can be stressful but with help from a reputable and experienced long-distance moving company, it doesn’t have to be hectic and unorganized. Experienced movers know what to do to stay ahead of common issues that arise during a move. While there are plenty of moving companies in Michigan, finding the right one takes a little bit of legwork. Start by reading online reviews to get a sense for how satisfied their past clients have been with their services. Then peruse their website to be sure they offer the specific services you are looking for.

Preferred Moving and Storage is a trusted partner of Wheaton World Wide Moving. We’re a certified ProMover with the American Trucking Association, and an A+ rated moving company with the BBB.. But more importantly, we specialize in full-service household moving solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs. We provide premium packing materials, custom crating, furniture wrapping, long- and short-term storage, and a whole list of other services to make your move a whole lot easier. Our Michigan movers are experienced, trained, and committed to providing you with exceptional service from beginning to end.. Learn more about our household moving services today.