Packing has never been called one of life's simple pleasures.  It is time-consuming and can often seem overwhelming.  Preferred Moving & Storage has been efficiently packing up homes since 1983. We offer a variety of packing services to meet all of your needs:
  • Full-service packing, crating, and unpacking by trained professionals
  • Packing only difficult and/or fragile items
  • Advice and quality packing materials for the do-it-yourself packer
We know the best ways to pack and we want your residential move to be a success.  If you plan to do your own packing, just follow these simple guidelines to get your items safely to your new destination.

Types of Moving Boxes

There are a number of different moving cartons - some versatile and some designed for specific needs. Knowing your options and insights into the features and value of each type of carton will help you choose the right moving materials for your needs.

Mirror Carton

These adjustable cartons are designed to protect large pictures, mirrors, glass table tops, and small pieces of marble..

TV Carton

These cartons are made to fit your flat screen TV. Use these boxes to make sure your TV gets to your new home safely. If you have the original TV carton, you can save money and use that carton as well.

Wardrobe Carton

Wardrobe cartons are like portable closets used to move your hanging clothing. Clothing remains on hangers so they stay clean and wrinkle-free during your move. These cartons are occasionally used for moving lamps and taller items as well.

Mattress Carton

Your mattress and box spring is best protected in a mattress carton. These cartons are available in various sizes - crib, twin, full, king/queen.

Dish Pack

Especially sturdy cartons designed for fragile items such as china, dishes, plates, bowls, glassware, fragile figurines, electronics, and small kitchen appliances.

Moving Cartons by Size

While a large box may be able to fit all of your books, it is not the ideal solution. Once packed, someone needs to be able to lift the carton that is now overloaded.  Certain sized cartons are better suited for various household items than others.

Book Cartons

Small, easy-to-handle cartons designed for carrying heavier items like books, canned goods, wine, liquor, tools, spices, etc. 

Medium Cartons

A medium carton is pretty versatile and typically used for pots/pans, linens, games, toys, purses, cooking utensils, shoes, etc. 

Large Cartons

Large boxes are great for packing just about anything that will not fit in the cartons listed above:  pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, blankets, cookie sheets, large toys, etc.

Custom Crating

Not all items will fit in standard sized cartons. If you have precious items that you are worried about during your move, call Preferred Moving & Storage today to get a crating estimate. We can custom build any sized crate to keep your item safe.