Many people think moving companies offer a limited set of services. They think they can only turn to movers for simple packing and transportation services. But there is so much more that a full-service mover can do for you. These professionals are able to help with all aspects of moving, or even relocate a single item. 

Let’s take a look at some of the added benefits of hiring Southeast Michigan professional movers.

Custom Crating Services

If you have an unusually shaped or very delicate item that you need to transport, a moving company can custom-build the crate to store it in. Thanks to custom crating, your delicate item has a much better chance of arriving at a new home in perfect condition. Professional movers can also pack your item using precut foam, a wood frame, and loads of packing material for a very snug fit inside the crate.

Vehicle Transportation

If you have an extra car, you don’t have to sell it before your cross-country move. Professional movers are also able to transport your vehicles. Many moving companies deliver cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and even recreational vehicles for their customers. You don’t even have to be in the midst of a household move to send a vehicle cross -country. Simply hire a moving and storage company for their vehicle transportation services.

Disposal of Packing Materials

After moving and unpacking your items, you’ll often be left with dozens of empty cardboard boxes and their packing materials. You can also call your full-service professional moving company and have them pick up this extra waste material at no charge. The movers will make sure that everything is properly disposed of, and you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

Off-Site Storage Services

Usually, there is a delay between when you have to move out of a home and when you can move into a new home. Many homeowners use self-storage companies to keep their belongings in storage temporarily, which is a lot of effort and hassle. Take the stress off of yourself by having the mover keep your items in short- or long-term storage until needed.

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Preferred Moving & Storage provides quality residential moving services for household relocations near and far. We have high quality, trained professional movers who offer a variety of full-service moving solutions. Our BBB A+ rated team is also a part of the Bekins Van Lines network of interstate agents. We work within this network to smoothly complete your relocation to any part of the country.

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