Getting organized for a move is a lot of work, and one corner of your home that’s a challenge to prepare is the garage. Unlike the items in the rest of your home, some of what is in your garage can’t just be tossed into a box or crate.

The professional residential movers at Preferred Moving & Storage have packed up our share of garages, so we have some advice for you to keep in mind as you consider how to handle moving the items in your garage.

Cars and Trucks

It’s not always possible to drive your vehicle to the new location, so you’ll need to plan for how to relocate the vehicle. Many moving companies—including ours—offers vehicle shipping on a trailer. If you’re moving a particularly valuable car, additional reimbursement coverage is recommended.


It’s easy for motorcycles to tip over during a move if they aren’t properly prepared. Professional movers use a crate designed for motorcycle shipping. That crating, along with tie-down straps to prevent tipping, protects your bike in transit. If you’re moving on your own, you can purchase motorcycle shipping crates online.

Lawn Care Items

If you’re moving from a home with a yard to a home without one, selling your lawn care gear is a smart choice. If you do bring your lawnmower and other equipment with you, all fuel must be emptied before moving. The good news is that other than removing the fuel, no special packing is required as lawn equipment is designed to handle a bit of banging around.


Tools that you store in a tool chest can be left in place. Lock the drawers, so they don’t open during the move, and remove any items that might be easily damaged. You’ll also want to make sure the wheels are locked. For specialty equipment, such as woodworking gear, custom crating is the best way to prevent damage in transit.


Grills can be moved in the same way you’d move a piece of furniture, but all fuel or charcoal should be removed prior to the move. Also, grates and other loose items must be secured to prevent damage. Sell or give away propane tanks before relocation day as it’s too dangerous to move them.

Paints and Flammable Liquids

For the same reason you shouldn’t move propane tanks, you shouldn’t move paints and other flammable liquids. Keep in mind that you’ll need to check local regulations about how you’re allowed to dispose of hazardous or flammable liquids.

Only Bring What You’ll Use

Moving the entire contents of a garage often isn’t necessary. Instead, use the move as an opportunity to weed out unwanted and unused items. This will not only make moving easier and, perhaps, less expensive, but it will also make it easier to set up your new garage since you won’t have so much clutter.

Trusted Professional Movers

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