Moving your business is a lot like moving your home. Not only will it require manpower, it will also require extensive planning and attention to detail. No matter where your business is relocating to, you will need an experienced, professional team to ensure an uninterrupted transition into your new office environment. Here are a few tips to help you best prepare for your upcoming office relocation.

Plan ahead - Just like moving your household, it is important to begin planning months ahead of time.Our Sterling Heights commercial movers can help you create a plan of action to keep your move on track and your business operating smoothly.Our Relocation Consultants can help ensure that your office staff is still productive in the days leading up to and immediately following your move. Our trained professionals will work with your team to get you settled into your new location with minimal down time.

Purge -  Much like your home, your office has most likely collected many unused, broken and outdated items. Whether it’s a box of cords that no longer work with your equipment or a storage drawer full of broken keyboards, be sure to clear out items that you will not need or use at your new location.

Pack Smart Label - Ensure that each box you pack and every piece of furniture is clearly labeled with the name of the person or the office room it belongs in. Most vertical file cabinets can be moved with the contents inside while most lateral file cabinets must be emptied to move. If possible, allow your employees the afternoon before the move to pack, label and clean their workstations. This needs to be done before the movers arrive and will help get your employees excited and prepared for the transition.

Unlike many other Sterling Heights commercial moving companies, Preferred Moving & Storage can offer you the simple, streamlined office relocation you are searching for.  Call or fill out our free, online quote form to learn more about the moving and storage services we can offer you.