Moving In Safely In The Spring

Moving to a new home in spring after a long winter of cold, snow, and months of being cooped up inside can be an incredibly exciting time. However, typical “April showers” can bring on a mountain of headaches for you and your Detroit area movers. Melting snow and ice can create slippery, muddy, unstable conditions that make moving with heavy boxes more difficult and specialized moving of pianos and other heavy, delicate equipment much more of a challenge.

While moving in spring can have its challenges, there are many steps you can take to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible—despite interventions from Mother Nature. Your friends at Preferred Moving & Storage have put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you make your spring move as seamless as possible.

  • Safety First - Before the big day, be sure to clear off any remaining snow and ice that could be present at your current residence and surrounding your new home or apartment. This will ensure that both you and your moving team will be able to load and unload your belongings safely. 
  • Prepare If the snow and ice of winter are long gone, you can still take precautions against slick, muddy, or excessively wet grounds by laying outdoor rugs or tarps over these spots. This will provide more traction and help prevent any slips or falls.  Your movers can also provide used cardboard for the pathways leading to your residence.
  • Clear a PathMake the moving process as streamlined as possible by clearing all sidewalks, driveways, and pathways to your house or apartment.  This will help minimize the amount of time it takes to load and unload the moving truck, especially in cases of adverse weather conditions.  
  • Smart ParkingThe closer the moving truck can park to your house or apartment, the more efficient the moving process will be.  If moving in or out of an apartment or condominium, try to reserve enough space for the moving truck to park.  Also keep in mind that moving trucks cannot park on freshly poured cement or any grassy areas.

For more tips on how to have a great commercial or residential moving experience or to get started on your next relocation in Michigan, call Preferred Moving & Storage today!