michigan residential moving

Moving can be time-consuming and, if executed improperly, very expensive. Hiring professional movers is a great first step, as it can help cut your costs and time in half. Professionals, like the southeast Michigan household movers of Preferred Moving & Storage, are experts in saving you time and money on your next move.

1. Forget the swing set: It will probably cost more money to move it than to replace it.

2. Plan your tax deductions now: Look up local charities in your area and donate your old clothing and household items that are no longer needed. Why pack and move them? Most charitable organizations will pick up donated items which will also free up extra time for you. You will also feel good knowing that other people are finding your donated items useful!

3. Use drawer space as boxes: If the furniture is in good condition, you can leave clothing in dresser drawers but be sure to remove all valuables, breakables and small, loose items. You can also save on boxes by packing linens into any empty drawer space. Antique and pressboard furniture should be emptied of all contents as the additional weight may cause unnecessary stress on the furniture.  

4. Cancel recurring membership fees: Be sure to call and cancel/transfer your gym membership, magazine subscriptions, and house maintenance expenses (lawn service, alarm systems, etc.) to avoid unnecessary charges after you move.

5. Liquids should be packed separately: You certainly do not want your shampoo or vegetable oil to spill or leak within the packed carton and ruin everything it leaks on. Be sure to secure liquids inside of a zip-lock bag, stand upright inside the box, pack separately from everything else and clearly label the box with arrows on all four sides to ensure the box is kept upright at all times. If your move is taking you long distance, we highly recommend leaving these items behind with a family member or friend.

6. Correlate rooms and boxes: Make a blueprint of your new home and number the rooms. Then correlate and mark your boxes to the rooms they are going into. This will definitely make the process more efficient for you and the movers come move-in day. Ask our Relocation Consultants about color-coded labels for your boxes.

7. Heavy items go on the bottom: To avoid crushed/broken items, be sure to pack heavier items on the bottom of the box and the lighter items on top.

For more quick and helpful moving tips, call the professionals at Preferred Moving & Storage – we are always available to offer money-saving residential moving tips! You can also schedule a free, in-home consultation and no-obligation estimate with one of our Relocation Consultants. Or visit our homepage and fill out our quote form for a free estimate!