One of the biggest challenges our customers face when they decide to move is getting an accurate estimate for services. In the past, the gold standard has been to have one of our Relocation Consultants come into the home and perform a survey. This is the most accurate and preferred way to receive a relocation estimate, if time permits.

Unfortunately, in-home surveys aren’t always practical. Here at Preferred Moving & Storage, we know that people have jobs, children, and lives they need to attend to, without the hassle of trying to fit another appointment into their already bogged-down schedule. Until recently, the only way around this was to perform a phone survey, which is generally not as thorough as an in-home estimate. Now, however, our customers have another choice.

Thanks to innovative technology produced by Crater, we are excited to introduce the video survey, which operates through a program called Survey Bot. Instead of waiting for someone to come to your home and perform a walk-through, all you have to do is schedule a video survey and you will be able meet with a Relocation Consultant live via video chat, who walks you through the process – on your time.

There are two ways to arrange a video survey, either by phone or directly through our website. If you would prefer to speak to a live person to schedule the survey, simply call our office at (800) 837-4600 and one of our helpful office staff will be happy to assist you.

If you would like to schedule a survey through our website, the process is simple. First, you will fill out some basic information, including the size of your home and how we can contact you, then click on Schedule Video Survey. The next step is to select the time and date of the survey you would prefer. Once you have scheduled the appointment, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation. This email also provides a link to cancel or reschedule the appointment if necessary.

The best part about Survey Bot is that you can schedule a survey any time, seven days a week, 24-hours a day. No need to wait for us to be available – a video survey can be done at your convenience! And there is no need to worry about privacy concerns, because all video footage is stored on a cloud which requires a personal invitation for outside parties to access.

Some key points to remember while performing the video survey with your Consultant are:

  • Turn all the lights on to make sure the surveyor can see clearly.
  • Stand back at least five feet from the items you are recording.
  • Don’t forget to show the pictures on the walls and rugs on the floors.
  • Don’t move too quickly – it makes it harder to see what is being recorded.
  • Open all cabinets and drawers so nothing gets forgotten.

Now that you’ve learned about this great new technology, what are you waiting for? You know you need to get that survey scheduled; now you can do it on your time.