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According to researchers, one of the most stressful events in an adult’s life is moving to a new home. When you move to a new state, this stress is only compounded. The coordination of the logistics alone can wreak havoc on your anxiety level.

To help reduce some of the headaches and hassles you may encounter on your interstate move, here are five tips when preparing to relocate to another state.

Pitch as You Pack for Your Interstate Move

Moving across country can be expensive. One way to reduce expenses is to only move the items you really need and want in your new space, as it makes for fewer boxes to pack, load, and deliver. Plus, the extra time spent going through your household goods for the donation box is time saved when you don’t have to unpack the unwanted items.

Get Organized and Create a Packing Timeline

Whether you are moving yourself or have hired Michigan interstate movers, getting organized is the key to a successful move. Take the time upfront to create a packing check list and timeline – and stick to it – to avoid getting overwhelmed with last-minute tasks.

Pack with Proper Moving Materials

When moving to a new state, your items will likely be traveling hundreds of miles in a truck. Make sure you pack your belongings in sturdy boxes and use plenty of packing paper to prevent damage. Depending on your items, you may want to consider hiring professional packing services from a trusted and experienced Michigan moving company.

Pack Essentials in a Weekend Travel Bag

When moving to a new state, you may not have the luxury of packing up the back of your car with daily essentials. When you travel to your new state, remember to pack a bag with the essentials to get you through at least a weekend. Be sure to include a few changes of clothes, toiletries, medications, necessary paperwork, and any other items you may need until your shipment arrives.

Research Your New Area Before the Move

Don’t get bogged down in the moving logistics and stresses and forget to research fun things about your new state. A few great resources to learn more about your new home town is to visit the Chamber of Commerce website, Pinterest boards, and local blogs for upcoming events and hot spots.

Moving is not easy and moving to a new state is downright challenging. Hiring trusted interstate movers to handle the logistics of your out-of-state move can eliminate these challenges so you can focus on transitioning you and your family to your new community.

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